Celebrated performer, choreographer and artist Santee Smith interprets traditional Iroquois legends through contemporary dance in a cinematic restaging of her 2004 award-winning debut production KAHA:WI : THE CYCLE OF LIFE. In this touching documentary, a gorgeous and transformative performance is translated effortlessly to the screen, telling us of sacred portals between the Sky World, the Earth World and the Under World. KAHA:WI is a performance film that perpetuates Iroquoian cultural knowledge, traditional esthetics and expression in a contemporary form. KAHA:WI opens with an awakening of the spirit, or unseen life force, that manifests into human form. This establishes the spiritual presence that permeates throughout KAHA:WI. A thanksgiving prayer is given to all the living beings in the natural world. Iroquois people call themselves Onkwehon:we… Real People, meaning real physically. That is a distinction from spirit people. There is a concept of duality between this dimension and that dimension. We live in a world where things are real, but the universe has other dimensions. The unseen is beyond our comprehension, yet we need to communicate with the unseen, some people call that spirit. The human spirit possesses an umbilical connection to the spirit world.

KAHA:WI is a performance film that perpetuates Iroquoian cultural knowledge, traditional esthetics and expression in a contemporary form.

Source: https://www.cinemapolitica.org/film/kahawi-the-cycle-of-life/

Film Website: http://www.kahawi.tv/

Pre-Columbia Custom Pottery- Nisha Designs

Beautiful Pre-Columbian Custom Pottery handmade for your home, restaurants, hotels, parks, recreation centers.

Pre-Columbian pottery production in Central America dates to around 2000 B.C.E. and ends around 1520 C.E. Ceramic vessels were utilized daily for the storage, preparation, and service of food and drink. Many pieces were also used as decoration and status symbols, while others found significant use in spiritual rituals and burial practices.

No minimum required. We can make any shape, size and quantity you desire. But our colors are limited as they all are collected from the mountains which makes the pottery unique and one of a kind. Bring this magick to your space. It does ship from outside USA.

Please visit our website for more information: https://nishadesigns.com/pre-columbian-custom-pottery/

Please email to nisha@nishadesigns.com or call 702.622.8321. We look forward to working with you and celebrate Indigenous Art.

Introducing Pre Colombian Art Custom Pottery- Nisha Designs

Touch of Magick- Introducing Pre Colombian custom Pottery with Nisha Designs. Supporting ancient indigenous art. Bringing back the awareness of a sacred tradition, knowledge passed from generations to generations into your homes, hotels, cruises, hospitals. More details coming in next week. Stay tunned!