Brazilian performance artist dressing as an extension of earth and nature teaches kids about conservation in the Amazon — Life & Soul Magazine

Artist and activist Emerson Munduruku is teaching environmental conservation to children in Brazil through performance art under the guise of his his drag queen alter ego, Uýra Sodoma. Emerson Munduruku takes part in educational projects, teaching children about Amazon communities and how to both connect with and protect nature. His aim is to pass on […]

Brazilian performance artist dressing as an extension of earth and nature teaches kids about conservation in the Amazon — Life & Soul Magazine

Celebrating World Environment Day each day everyday- Nisha Designs

Celebrate the Environment each day everyday! Nature is a powerful healer and provider treat it with respect and gratitude. Harming the environment it’s flora, fauna, animals, plant kingdom and its indigenous beings is no longer to be appropriate, choice nor an option. If it wants it can take away from you everything in a split second and you won’t be able to do nothing. Make choices and choose leaders that serve the greater good of our planet.

People blame their environment. There is only one person to blame – and only one – themselves. – Robert Collier

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. – Mahatma Gandhi

Suiseki, the Art of Stone Appreciation-Nisha Designs

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Suiseki, which literally translates as ‘water stone’, is an ancient Japanese art of admiring stones. An ode to time, patience and simplicity, suiseki involves showcasing the most remarkable stones found in nature and upon which water, erosion, wind and time have acted to sculpt abstract or, depending on the imagination more meaningful shapes, such as a mountain or animal. The beauty of a suiseki therefore lies in its ability to suggest an aspect of nature.

Originating from China, where it is known as gongshi, and Korea, where it is termed Suseok, the art of suiseki was introduced to Japan by the Chinese Imperial Court during the Asuka period (538 or 552-710 AD), and was only discovered in the western world during the first bonsai exhibitions, where the stones were also presented. Like the rigorous codes of bonsai, suiseki also has its own rules, linked to the quality of colours and the powers of suggestion and balance. Stones in multiple colours are the most appreciated, but placing them in light or shadow also allows a more precise aspect to be showcased, while also reflecting their harmonious balance and translating their original beauty. Enhanced naturally, the stone is simply placed on a wooden stand or, like in times past, presented in a bowl filled with a layer or water or sand. A wooden stand, or dai/daiza, is the most frequently used option, and is generally made from a type of refined wood such as rosewood, in order to support the stone and, more importantly, showcase it.

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For real suiseki aficionados, the most difficult thing is to find the stone that provides complete satisfaction from the moment of its discovery. Once the rare pearl is unearthed, the whole stone becomes conducive to contemplation of and reflection on the place of humans in their environment. As Matsuura Arishige, global ambassador of the art of suiseki, explains so well, ‘a good suiseki has the power to represent to humans, in just a few centimetres, the whole of Earth and the cosmos’.

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©manuel m. v.


Be Yourself


Be Yourself: No matter what we do, where we at we must learn to own who we are. I wanted to do something inspiring with words for a 12 year old beautiful, witty, innocent and a charming young girl. Guardian of Gaia, lover of animals, nature. This painting will give her hope, strength to not give up and will always pull her back to who she is inside when she finds herself lost in the ebb and flow of life. I loved painting her style, her imagination and her thought process.

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The Lady in Red

C411100D-9CF5-46D4-8E18-C74C0D06E911One of my Favorite Paintings I have done to date. Presenting “The Lady in Red” Yes she is Love. She is passion, understanding, strength, knowledge, will, sensual, a warrior, a beautiful companion, friend, a mother and a leader of her own creations. She is the soul within us. Getting ready to be fully manifested to owning, accepting who she is, taking charge to serve the greater good of humanity and the balance as she walks the path of her truth. Wherever she goes there’s beauty and creation, freedom and joy, wonder and magic, stability and abundance. I bow to her presence and style. She becomes who she is. She is not a dream. She is Real. She is the light, The Divine Soul- The Lady in Red ❤️

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The Elemental Collection



The Elemental Collection: This collection is designed to honor the presence of the primal forces of life, these beings are called The Elementals. The energy of natures expression. The beings of EARTH are called The GNOME. The beings of WATER are called UNDINE. The being of AIR are called SYLPH and the being of FIRE are called SALAMANDER. These elementals are the building blocks of nature. They exist in every aspect of nature and within every person. We cannot exist if any of these elements are missing from our life. They charge and energize us. They provide the fuel we need to feel alive. They work with every aspect of our being. Learning and being aware of them is the key to bring balance to every aspect of our life within and around us. If one is overly active then other it causes an imbalance.


The collection is designed organically to capture the essence of these magnificent beings bringing an awareness of the expression of nature through design.

I would encourage and invite everyone to learn and read about the Elementals. The more we understand them the better we can create a sustainable world. They are here to help and guide us to bring balance within ourselves. We are not separate we all are connected as one. It is our responsibility as a citizen of the world to learn to work with nature which is within us. When we shift what’s within us is when our physical world will change.


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