Pre Colombian Pottery Art- Custom Design- History Part 1- Nisha Designs

Pre Colombian Pottery Art- We are going to take you through the history of these beautiful artifact. To know how art in any form was created. It’s magick behind its work of craft. What the symbology of having an artifact mean. Every piece of art has a purpose to serve us. Bring this awareness to your world and watch the magick!
The term “Pre-Columbian art” refers to the architecture, art and crafts of the native peoples of North, Central, and South America, and the islands of the Caribbean (c.13,000 BCE – 1500 CE) The term “Mesoamerica” is synonymous with Central America, describing a cultural region in the Americas, which extends roughly from central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica.

We Wish You Happy Holidays with Christmas Paintings by Famous Artists- Nisha Designs

Sandro Botticelli – Adoration of the Magi, 1475
Leonardo Da Vinci -The Adoration of the Magi,  c1482
Giorgione – The Adoration of the Shepherds – 1505 – 1510
Raphael – The Sistine Madona, 1513 – 1514
Peter Bruegel the Elder – The Census at Bethlehem, 1566
Caravaggio – Adoration of the Shepherds, 1609
Arthur Hughes – The Nativity, 1858
Claude Monet – Snow Scene at Argenteuil, 1875
James Tissot – Journey of the Magi, 1894
Paul Gauguin – Baby (Nativity Of Tahitian Christ), 1896

Introducing Giovanni Fonesca our Italian Representative- Divine artisan handmade Carpets- Nisha Designs

Touch of Magick: To all of the designers, architects of Italy. Nisha Designs would like to introduce you to Giovanni Fonesca who will be representing our Divine Custom Carpet brand in Italy. He is passionate, magickal, detail oriented and about service. We love working with him and hope you do as well. We wish him all the very best. Do reach out to him if interested for your handmade custom carpets. All natural fibers. Artisan craft. If you desire to create your own brand or for your clients he will guide you. Our minimums begin with 1. He will connect with you for meetings/ samples soon here.
Support art. Support handmade. Support artists.


The Colours

All fabrics in the collection are colour-coordinated and can be combined with each other.
Typical colours of the collection are sage, olive green, saffron yellow and a soft sorbet red. Bright gold, cantaloupe melon and sky blue perfectly compliment the colour mood of the Meridian collection. 
Contrasts in the colour palettes are created by the warmth of saffron yellow and burnt sienna with cool sky blue and gentle sage. The colour ranges are rounded off by elegantly patterned natural and grey shades such as desert sand and silver grey. 

For more details please visit-

For samples please email or call 702.622.8321

Fantasia: Morocco’s female warriors take on “game of gunpowder” at equestrian festivals — Life & Soul Magazine

Fantasia is an ancient practice in the Maghreb region from when the indigenous Amazighs would fight on horseback in battle. Also known as Game of Gunpowder or Tbourida, Fantasia is one of Morocco’s biggest and most popular festivals. The presentation is a bright and colourful show which celebrates and shows off the skills and talents […]

Fantasia: Morocco’s female warriors take on “game of gunpowder” at equestrian festivals — Life & Soul Magazine

These Soothing Candles for Your Bedroom Are Like Aromatic Lullabies — StyleCaster — Wyndesong Collectibles

How you decorate your bedroom shapes the ambiance of your sleep space, and the energy of the room reflects in the quality of your slumber. So whether it’s cute, boho, shabby chic or art deco that you’re aiming for aesthetic-wise, think about what materials, light fixtures and scents help you unwind at the end of……

These Soothing Candles for Your Bedroom Are Like Aromatic Lullabies — StyleCaster — Wyndesong Collectibles

The Tortoise and the Snake. — Collecting African Tribal Art- Nisha Designs

While visiting the Yale University Art gallery (03/20/16) I came across a Yoruba door with four panels. The third panel showed four characters, a tortoise, a man, and a small antelope. I disagreed with the following description, “… a coiled snake seizes an antelope while a small kneeling figure strikes the snake with an axe, […]

The Tortoise and the Snake. — Collecting African Tribal Art

Murals in Madrid by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada focus on the Amazon — Inspiring City

Two new murals from Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada have appeared in Madrid. The new pieces feature themes of climate change and the fight of indigenous people to save their lands. Gerada choosing once again to use his art in order to draw attention to social issues and the rights of minorities. The murals have in part been inspired…

via Murals in Madrid by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada focus on the Amazon — Inspiring City