House of Herbology: Cinnamon, Peppermint & Sage Tooth Powder — Rosalind Medea

Tooth powders were once the norm, many moons ago, as a way to keep one’s teeth and gums healthy. Herbs are an effective way to take care of oral health and by incorporating them into your daily oral hygiene you can save your pearlies from unwanted trips to the dentist. Today, there are numerous businesses […]

House of Herbology: Cinnamon, Peppermint & Sage Tooth Powder — Rosalind Medea

Lessons in Love from Nature- Animal Valentine-The Nature Conservancy- Nisha Designs

A male and female cardinal with their beaks together to exchange food.
CARDINALS Cardinals are non-migratory birds as they prefer to live within a mile of where they were born. © Linda Yvonne

Love is in the air, and not just for humans! Explore the courtship, grooming and everyday behaviors of some iconic New Jersey wildlife. Don’t forget to take notes, as these species know the secret to lasting relationships.

A red male cardinal sitting on a branch.
NORTHERN CARDINAL Northern Cardinals tend to sit low in shrubs and trees or forage on or near the ground, often in pairs. © Matt Williams

Northern Cardinals

Crimson male cardinals are not only perpetually suited up in the color of passion, but they are also on to what really warms the heart of their beloved: food and gifts! Cardinals, which pair up for life, engage in mate feeding as part of their quest for (and maintenance of) a companion. 

Two nuzzling bobcats in snow.
BOBCATS Of all the wild cats in North America, the bobcat has the largest range © Melissa Groo


Dancing cheek to cheek is a bobcat-endorsed love strategy—they rub their faces on potential mates (as well as offspring) to signal “be mine!” 

Learn more about our work protecting bobcats in New Jersey.

A large group of horseshoe crabs piled on top of each other all along the shore of a beach.
HORSESHOE CRABS Horseshoe crabs are living fossils meaning they have existed nearly unchanged for at least 445 million years, well before even dinosaurs existed. © Frans Lanting
A pair of horseshoe crabs are spawning on the beach
HORSESHOE CRABS In the late spring and early summer, horseshoe crabs arrive on the beaches to lay their eggs. © Lily Mullock

Horseshoe Crabs

There is a reason that horseshoe crabs have been around for 300 million years. They know the value of a moonlit stroll on the beach! 

Two black bears are standing up hugging each other.
BLACK BEARS Black bears are the smallest species of bear found in North America © Shutterstock: Christopher MacDonald

Black Bears

Studies show that hugging increases bonding for people—and maybe also for bears? Black bears hug each other as cubs when playing, and when adults as part of the courtship ritual. 

An American Woodcock is looking at the camera. The bird is brown, black, and white with dark brown eyes.
AMERICAN WOODCOCK In Autumn, large numbers of American woodcock congregate in woodlands and thickets, where they feed heavily on earthworms to build up their body-fat reserves before crossing Delaware Bay and continuing south. © Damon Noe / TNC

American Woodcocks

Wisdom from woodcocks: a little effort goes a long way when it comes to impressing a mate. Males of this species are true winged wooers, staging an elaborate show of singing, aerial acrobatics and feather ruffling in pursuit of their love interest. 

AMERICAN WOODCOCK Beginning in late March, males seek out woodland openings and clearings at dawn and dusk, when light levels are just right, to sing and display for females for about one hour.

Two adult red foxes are surrounded by snow.
Two red fox pups are touching noses.

RED FOX Courtship begins in the winter, where the foxes hunt together, play, and generally chase each other around. © Robert Peal

RED FOX PUPS The pups stay in the den until they are about 4 to 5 weeks of age. © Ray Lee

Red Fox

Red fox pairs are lifelong partners, and even when mating season is over they meet to socialize and share food. Because no matter how long you’ve been together, making time for a one-on-one dinner is always a good way to reconnect. 

Two adult river otters are pictured. One of them is sniffing the other one.
RIVER OTTER Mating, which usually takes place during March or April, might take place on land, but is more likely to occur in the water. © Dmitry Azovtsev

River Otters

Good grooming habits are essential for making the right impression. River otters are fastidious about their coats, maintaining their natty appearance by rolling in snow, mud or vegetation. 

An osprey sits on its nest with its wings spread. Wetlands are in the background.
OSPREY An osprey on nest in New Jersey. © TNC
An osprey is flying with a fish in its talons.
OSPREY When carrying their prey back to the nest, osprey will arrange the fish so that it is facing upright, head forward. © Shutterstock: Steve Bower


Leave the kids at home for your romantic date. Take it from paired-for-life osprey parents who let chicks rest in the nest while they fly off to hunt—the noisy calls, fishy demands, and spontaneous wing-spreading of your cute, but ungainly, offspring does nothing to enhance the mood. 


Weekly Magick of Symbolism- Anchor- Nisha Designs

Magickal properties of Anchor– The first thing that comes to mind is, to hold the energy to an object, rest, voyage, steadfast, individuality, travel, magickal journeys, dream, strength, divine, direction, can withhold any storm, courage, will, power, protection weapon, magnet for attracting and manifesting.

Weekly Magick of Symbolism- Action

Magickal Properties of Action: Is Being: When my higher mind was weeding my small dwarf spruce tree my higher mind made me aware of the action. Asked what the action my higher mind was taking is doing? and I replied it is weeding out what is not needed on the tree. Like cutting the dead branches. And so, what does this taking action mean symbolically, she asked? And then it dawned on me that the action meant that I was also weeding everything out of my own life at the same time that which does not belong to my higher mind and trueself. Another way to release and let go. If I wasn’t aware of this, I would have lost the magickal opportunity that the tree was offering me with some extra booster dose to weed things out of my life that I was holding onto. This way it was easy for me to let go because of my awareness in its symbolic message. The magick of the tree and my higher mind makes it possible to just let go. So, by becoming aware of our actions, we get to see what the action represents symbolically. Is it creating what you want or is it creating what you don’t want in your world? What is your action showing you wanting you to be aware of? Pay attention to your action is when you will know whether your higher mind is in control, or you have stepped in and taken control from your higher mind.

Life is symbolic including our physical form. What we say, our doing, our choices, actions are sacred and symbolic in nature. Every action has a purpose, sacredness to it. Being mindful of your action and then putting intention behind your actions makes you aware of your choices, aware of your higher mind and soul and keeps those negative worries, concerns, emotions and feelings out. It is about taking charge of you, being in control of you, being responsible, not letting things slide, being in the knowingness, mindfulness, sacred, symbolic process, creating, giving birth to new beginnings, gratitude, love, magick, healing.

The other thing about action is who is taking the action? is it your higher mind and soul or the body has taken control from higher mind? Be aware of the who. When actions are done by higher mind and trueself it always serves the greater good of the environment and the balance between order and chaos and creates magick. Be your trueself!

Weekly Magick of Symbolism- Airplane- Nishante Divinelove

Magickal Properties of Airplane: I remember my first time sitting in an airplane when I was 10 years old. My first trip to USA. It was magick. That I could fly and go anywhere I want to. And ever since then 40 years later I have been flying and soaring as a lioness.

Its magickal properties are creativity, dreams and possibilities, freedom, endless pursuits, goals, visions, intuition, imagination, magick, owning one’s power, Stories, myths, tales, fables, broadens our awareness, knowledge, wisdom, capabilities, travel, soul journeys, shamanic journeys, discoveries of otherworld’s, luxury, awakens your inner child, fun, balance. It reminds me of dragons. Its magick teaches us let go of controlling that is not in your control rather learn to be in control of you. Your Inner world of thoughts, beliefs and change what you can, and you can soar as high as you desire that serves the greater purpose. Let your soul drive the winds of your life as they are the creators of your life. There are no limits to our soul only limits are what we put on ourselves. Plane rides are sometimes bumpy, sometimes smooth and sometimes fatal, its magick is about showing us how do we desire to travel? Do we choose a bumpy ride or smooth ride of being aware of oneself and being responsible of our actions so we can be the balance and go with the ebb and flow. No matter what happens we are in the knowing we will accomplish and reach our destination in gratitude. It also teaches us to accept ourselves as we are and what is.

So next time you sit in an airplane, or you think about airplane in your meditation ask for its assistance to show you the magick that you are. And always remember inanimate objects are sentient energy beings. Everything is energy. Alive and symbolic. Just waiting on us to hear the messages and guidance to better serve our purpose and to have a wonderful joyous ride on this planet. They teach us how to live and thrive on this plane of existence. Respect its presence, magick, direction and guidance they bring to us. Always give gratitude for safe journey home.

Weekly Magick of Symbolism- Acorn — Nishante DIVINELOVE

Magickal Properties of an Acorn: Acorns are the nuts of Oak Trees. I love acorns. It reminds me of Buddha. There magick is Protection, Healing, Strength, Peace, Harmony, Spiritual Growth, increases one’s Intuitive, Psychic and Telepathic abilities and communication, Wisdom, Knowledge, assist in Meditation and maintains our connection and oneness to our higher mind and…

Weekly Magick of Symbolism- Acorn — Nishante DIVINELOVE

Green Gifts are Great Gifts! 6 Sustainable Holiday Shopping Tips — The TerraCycle Blog — Life & Soul Magazine

Holiday gift-giving can be a major source of stress. Unless your friends and family have jumped on the no-gift holiday bandwagon, there can be so much pressure to give each person the perfect item. How does sustainability fit in? Perhaps better than you think! Here’s a guide to choosing gifts that are easier on the… Green […]

Green Gifts are Great Gifts! 6 Sustainable Holiday Shopping Tips — The TerraCycle Blog — Life & Soul Magazine

From Concept to Completion- Nisha Designs- Touch of Magick

Touch of Magick– We have been in hospitality and retail home industry for over 18+ years. We can design your whole brand of OS&E product line based on your specification or design ideas. From concept to completion is what we do. Through my previous work experience we have participated in designing of Westin, W hotel and many more brands, independent hotel directs, worked with architects, interior firms and designers, groups such as Marriott, Intercontinental, Choice to name a few. We have good relationships with our resources for best quality and pricing.

If interested do email or call us at 702.622.8321 or

Pre Colombian Pottery Art- Custom Design- History Part 1- Nisha Designs

Pre Colombian Pottery Art- We are going to take you through the history of these beautiful artifact. To know how art in any form was created. It’s magick behind its work of craft. What the symbology of having an artifact mean. Every piece of art has a purpose to serve us. Bring this awareness to your world and watch the magick!
The term “Pre-Columbian art” refers to the architecture, art and crafts of the native peoples of North, Central, and South America, and the islands of the Caribbean (c.13,000 BCE – 1500 CE) The term “Mesoamerica” is synonymous with Central America, describing a cultural region in the Americas, which extends roughly from central Mexico to Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and northern Costa Rica.